The Culinary Odyssey of El Norte
The Culinary Odyssey of El Norte

iscovering Mayfair's Gastronomic Jewel Through the Vision of Arian and Alberto Zandi

Venturing from the vibrant streets of Shoreditch to the refined elegance of Mayfair, I embarked on a journey to discover El Norte, a Spanish restaurant that promised to bring the rich flavors of Spain to London’s elite. Nestled on Dover Street, this gem of a place did not disappoint, offering more than just a dining experience; it provided a passage to Spain, guided by the visionary twins, Arian and Alberto Zandi.

El Norte | Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

El Norte: A Tale of Twin Visionaries and Spanish Gastronomy

Arian and Alberto Zandi, the dynamic duo behind El Norte, have masterfully blended the traditional with the contemporary, creating a space where Spanish cuisine thrives in the heart of London. Their passion for their heritage is evident in every aspect of El Norte, from the meticulously designed modern setting to the carefully selected menu that pays homage to the flavors of their homeland.

Home - El Norte

Signature dishes like the truffle tortilla, creamy croquettes, and the exquisite Joselito Iberico Ham showcase the twins’ dedication to quality and flavor. The cherry pistachio gazpacho and the premium stone-cooked “Vaca Rubia Gallega” steak are testaments to their innovative approach, redefining traditional Spanish cuisine for a modern palate. The wine menu, boasting Spanish awarded labels, complements each dish, ensuring a gastronomic journey that is both authentic and exquisite.

El Norte: A Mayfair bolthole serving Spanish classics

The lounge at El Norte, with its Spanish crafted cocktails and selection of homemade Sangrias, sets the stage for an evening of relaxation and indulgence. The resident DJs, playing a mix of electronic and Spanish sounds, add to the ambiance, creating a space where dining transitions seamlessly into entertainment.

Arian and Alberto’s warm welcome extends beyond the walls of El Norte, inviting patrons to become part of a larger family that includes their other successful ventures, Zuaya London and Como Garden. Their gratitude towards their loyal clients, coupled with an eagerness to greet new faces, speaks volumes of their commitment to creating memorable dining experiences.

El Norte | Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Friday Nights at El Norte: A Celebration of Spanish Flair

El Norte transforms into the ultimate destination for Spanish flair on Friday nights, with bottomless premium sangria and cava setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. The dance floor, alive with the rhythm of Spanish dance, welcomes everyone, creating a vibrant atmosphere where the celebration never ends.

The journey from Shoreditch to Mayfair, though traversed on the tube, felt like a passage to Spain, thanks to the vision and hospitality of Arian and Alberto Zandi. El Norte stands as a beacon of Spanish gastronomy in London, a testament to the twins’ passion, creativity, and dedication to their cultural heritage. For those in search of authentic Spanish flavors and a lively atmosphere, El Norte is a destination not to be missed.

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