Suntory – 196
Suntory – 196

Going out and living spontaneously, not knowing where the night will take you and living in the moment. Those are the experiences that create the best memories.

Discover -196 (minus 196) the unique shochu infused spirit and mixer here to embrace your next adventure. Suntory Beverage and Food Great Britain and Ireland’s (SBF GB&I) newest offering delivers the ultimate refreshment and is here for the curious and the unexpected times that stay with us forever.

Launching in lemon and grapefruit flavour with 6 percent alcohol content, the name is derived from Suntory’s proprietary freeze crush infusion technology. Best experienced with your friends when life is really worth living, it combines the traditional Japanese spirit with modern technology to deliver an exciting new taste.

Staying true to the curious and intriguing fusion of old and new that could only come from Japan, the innovative new drink is created by a unique process that freezes the whole fruit by using liquid nitrogen at -196°C where the frozen zest, pulp and juice are then crushed into powder and infused with vodka.

Delivering an icy explosion and bold fruity flavours for an adventurous palate, it captures the spirit of Japan with a distinct, crisp and balanced experience that compliments the delicate and bright experience of Japanese pop culture.

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