Melitta – Latticia® OT 
Melitta – Latticia® OT 

The NEW Latticia® OT (One Touch) automatic bean to cup coffee machine creates top-tier barista style drinks from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Many coffee fans dream of enjoying homemade milk-based beverages that would taste exactly like those brewed in their favourite cafés. Luckily, with Melitta® “Latticia® OT”, it’s now very much a possibility! Thanks to the new integrated milk system called “LATTEperfection”, any coffee is certain to turn out precisely how you want it. The machine is easy to use too due to its intuitive one-touch operation and coloured real image buttons. The double cup mode, the extra large bean container and the water tank with enlarged capacity all ensure plenty of coffee for you to enjoy—at the simple push of a button.



Frothed twice, twice as delicious: the new “LATTEperfection” system makes all of your milk foam wishes come true at the push of a button. Unlike other integrated milk circuits currently on the market, this one froths milk twice. The result is wonderfully fine milk foam served at the exact right temperature.

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Enjoy café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato by simply touching a coloured real image button. You can prepare some milk foam or dispense hot water at the touch of a button too.



“Latticia® OT” boasts a removable, extra large water tank (1.5 l) and an extra large bean container (250 g), so there’ll always be plenty of coffee for you to enjoy. Despite being just 20-cm-wide, this appliance is capacious enough to easily prepare two milk-based beverages at once.



Now you can make yourself some coffee brewed from freshly ground beans without waking your loved ones up! This coffee machine is equipped with a super-silent steel conical burr grinder that grinds coffee beans quietly and efficiently.

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To match everyone’s individual preferences, brewing strength (three settings) and grind level (five settings) can both be adjusted.



Go ahead and set the desired volume for both black coffee drinks and milk-based beverages. The drink outlet can also be raised up to a height of 135 mm, so you’ll be able to use glasses or extra large mugs too.

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The new pump control system makes sure that water and coffee stay in contact for the exact required amount of time. Enjoy the classic espresso and café crème recipes, now with flawless aromas!



Coffee? Milk? Foam? What was the order again?.. All of the ingredients are guaranteed to be added in the correct order based on authentic Italian traditions.



The drip tray features a stainless-steel drip plate with a high-quality integrated anti-scratch plastic insert.



It’s definitely a good idea to clean your new appliance on a regular basis, that is, once two milk-based beverages have been prepared. Luckily, the new “Quick & Clean” milk circuit cleaning system provides you with flawless hygiene in just two simple steps! All you have to do is immerse the milk hose in a vessel filled with clear tap water and start the cleaning program. Thanks to the milk unit being easy to disassemble and clean, the whole process is made even more straightforward.Melitta Machine à café automatique Latticia OT, Noir | Sissel


This coffee machine will automatically notify you every time it needs to be cleaned or descaled. The service button provides easy access to the cleaning and descaling program, brewing temperature, water hardness settings and the handy auto-off function. The brewing unit is easy to remove too if necessary. You’re guaranteed to be able to access the interior of the machine and clean it thoroughly without any problems.



To make your coffee even tastier, use “Melitta® Pro Aqua” water filters. Using them will enable you to only descale your coffee machine once a year.

Thanks to its double foaming function, the new technology (otherwise known as the LATTEperfection System) enables higher temperatures to get that milk well and truly foamed – complete with a fine-pored froth!

What’s more, by clicking on the One Touch button you can choose from a Café Crème, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Milk froth with just one (simple) touch – not to mention the super silent grinder which grinds the coffee extra quietly. The coffee strength and grind can also be adjusted to suit individual tastes.

This must have electrical kitchen appliance also features an XL water tank (1.5l) and bean container (250g) which has been specially created ‘extra-large’ to enable coffee enjoyment in the smallest of spaces.

The practical Double Cup mode is a real time-saver too as it allows preparation of two identical drinks simultaneously.


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