A Dash of Exoticism: A Review of the Duppy Share Spiced Rum
A Dash of Exoticism: A Review of the Duppy Share Spiced Rum

Radiance in a Bottle: A Gleaming Review of the Duppy Share Spiced Rum

From the golden shores of the Caribbean comes an exotic offering: The Duppy Share Spiced Rum. For the uninitiated, the term ‘duppy’ refers to a type of ghost or spirit in Caribbean and African folklore. Quite fittingly, this rum possesses a spirit of its own that’s full of verve, spice, and everything nice. In this review, we plunge headfirst into the world of The Duppy Share and explore its vibrant appeal.

Firstly, let’s talk about the presentation. The Duppy Share Spiced Rum arrives in a bottle that embodies its Caribbean essence with a striking design. The label, with its fun, intricate illustration, tells a tale of the folklore from which it gets its name, bringing with it a sense of authenticity and character. It’s not often one can say that a rum’s bottle lends to the overall experience, but in this case, the vibrant aesthetic serves as an enticing introduction to what lies within.

Upon uncorking the bottle, you are greeted by the intoxicating aroma of the rum. Wafts of caramel, tropical fruits, and a hint of warmth are the first to greet your senses. An amalgamation of the enticing fragrance of pineapple, kola nut, and Caribbean spices confirms that the Duppy Share Spiced is no ordinary rum.

The first sip is where the Duppy Share really begins to make its mark. While most spiced rums tend to lean heavily on vanilla and cinnamon, Duppy Share strikes a balance with a unique blend of natural spices and flavors. A touch of sun-drenched pineapple and hint of kola nut add a distinctive character to the drink. The pineapple offers a touch of sweetness, not cloying, but rather pleasantly balanced by the slightly bitter undertone of the kola nut.

What’s impressive about Duppy Share Spiced is its ability to balance its spice profile. With notes of ginger, clove, and nutmeg, it manages to evoke a rich tapestry of flavours without being overwhelming. The fiery warmth of the spices and the tropical sweetness work in harmony, creating a spiced rum that is both refreshing and robust.

The finish of the Duppy Share Spiced is remarkably smooth, with a lingering sweet spiciness that encourages another sip. This exceptional finish is largely due to the top-quality Caribbean rum at its base, aged to perfection.

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Versatility is another impressive aspect of this rum. Whether you enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail, Duppy Share Spiced enhances every drinking experience. It shines particularly well in a ‘Duppy Conqueror’, their signature cocktail that adds lime juice and ginger beer for a zesty, vibrant tipple.

In terms of price, Duppy Share Spiced falls in the mid-range category, making it an accessible luxury for many rum enthusiasts. Given its unique and enjoyable flavor profile, coupled with its adaptability for various styles of consumption, it offers considerable value for its price point.

In conclusion, The Duppy Share Spiced Rum is a testament to the depth and variety of flavors that spiced rum can offer. With its unique blend of spices, sun-soaked pineapple, and kola nut, it delivers a beautifully balanced and vibrant drinking experience. Whether you’re a rum aficionado or a casual enthusiast looking for something a little different, this Caribbean treasure should be next on your list to try.


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