Halo Capsule
Halo Capsule

Clean Up this Black Friday and Save over £160 on Halo Capsule. The Black Friday promotion is the biggest saving Halo Appliances has ever offered

Halo Capsule, the UK’s eco-friendly, award-winning cordless vacuum is offering customers over 40% off this Black Friday – the biggest saving Halo Appliances has ever offered – with an exclusive bundle deal. 

A new player in the vacuum market and based in the UK, Halo Capsule has nearly five times the capacity of other cordless vacuums and all the power of a corded model. The vacuum is the first to be made with carbon fibre technology, making an ultra-light design, weighing at just 2.6kg. 

Bag yourself a bargain this Black Friday and save £168.94 on Halo Capsule as Halo Appliances is offering an exclusive bundle deal for just £249.99 featuring all the tools and accessories you need to keep both carpet and wooden floors spotlessly clean. The 40% reduction is the biggest Halo Appliances has ever offered with the bundle featuring brand-new accessories, including: 

  • Halo Capsule CAP-01 vacuum cleaner 
  • Motorised brush head 
  • Crevice tool 
  • Stubborn dirt brush 
  • 52 dust pouches – enough for over 2 year’s use in a family home! 
  • Wall dock
  • Upholstery cleaning upgrade 
  • Soft dusting brush for delicate surfaces 
  • Brand new stretchable accessory hose for hard-to-reach areas 
  • Cost of purchasing separately £418.93

Not only is Halo the most powerful cordless model on the market, it is also the first environmentally friendly vacuum in the UK thanks to its paper dust pouches to lock away dirt. Made of natural and fully compostable materials, the pouches provide an excellent level of filtration through their highly efficient filters which filter 99.95% of particles down to 0.5 microns. Better yet, the dust pouches allow for conveniently clean disposal of dirt, so your days of getting covered in dust when emptying your vacuum are gone. Halo has also gone further thinking about the longer-term impact of Capsule. They have created ReFresh, an optional servicing program designed for out-of-warranty Capsule vacuums to keep your Capsule in top condition for as long as possible. The Capsule ReFresh program includes new batteries, filter replacements, software updates and a full product service. 

Key features of Halo Capsule include:  

  • Ultra-lightweight design, weighing just 2.6kg
  • Latest technology in brushless digital motors and high-performance Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Run time of 60-minutes
  • The only cordless model to give you the capacity of a full size upright
  • 1.6l capacity – five times more than other cordless models
  • Environmentally friendly dust pouches 

The Bundle Deal will be available on the official Capsule Clean website from 1st-30th November 2021 – www.capsuleclean.com