Fast becoming a world-leading tequila brand. Stocked in the world’s favourite bars, restaurants and retailers, Cazcabel premium tequila has a large global presence, due to its high quality, seven-year-old, Blue Weber agave and its unique flavour expressions.

Don Cazcabel is at the heart of the brand. The mystic figure from the Jalisco mountains is named
Cazcabel meaning ‘snakeman’ after his work with local plants, herbs and native rattlesnakes. The Mexican curador developed tequila recipes using harvested piñas from the diverse and rugged landscape that surrounded him.

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The award-winning range comprises the fresh and crisp Blanco, oak aged Reposado, as well as the more playful flavoured expressions of Coconut, Honey and Coffee. Today, the range is developed by leading agave producers, the Vazquez family, who are trailblazers within the industry, having cultivated agave for four generations, crafting critically acclaimed tequila since 1996. Cazcabel’s sun baked, sugar-rich agaves reflect the close nurturing conditions of every plant, as well the intricacies of the terroir of the Arandas region. The agave’s incredible yield is down to the Vazquez family’s traditional crushing methods, which extract the most complex and flavourful liquid possible.

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Father and son, Alfredo and Uzeil Vazquez are heading up Cazcabel’s new expansive distillery which is set to open in 2023. The dedicated facility will expand production capabilities, in response to the continued growth and success of the brand globally. Alongside production and warehousing, it will feature events spaces catering for guests and tours, as well as showcasing the history of tequila making under the Vazquez family traditions.

The Vazquez family are passionate about local wildlife and nature. Conserving the flora and fauna
which surrounds the distillery is central to family’s development of the new facilities; the grounds of which have been built around a large ancient tree. In 2023, the family has also committed to planting a further 300 additional trees in the area. The local villages and towns will also benefit, with locals working on the construction of the site, and destined for further jobs within the distillery upon completion.

All of Cazcabel’s earthy but vibrant tequilas can be enjoyed simply on their own, or as part of tantalising mixed drinks. The tequila category continues its meteoric trajectory in the UK as consumers become increasingly more confident in how they enjoy and use this spirit. Margaritas and Palomas are enjoying a modern-day renaissance, as well as the rise of newly popular simpler serves such as tequila and tonic.

Dedicated to re-educating consumers through its range, Cazcabel aims to elevate today’s tequila drinking experience as an accessible drink to be savoured, mixed and enjoyed, far from its reputation as a late-night slammer, and into the realms of one of the UK’s most loved spirits.