As you’re probably only too aware, the heatwaves of the summer are now very much looking to be a thing of the past and a much chillier climate is in the air so, if you’re anything like us here, your thoughts will be turning to how to ensure you keep nice and toasty during the autumn and winter months. Well, we’ve just found the ideal candidate for tech lovers with a love of minimalism in the shape of the BOLDR Kelvin Heater that is billed as the future of home heating – and who are we to argue?


Heating your home efficiently and cost-effectively is becoming increasingly more difficult for many homeowners but with the numerous advantages of a Kelvin Heater from BOLDR, this is an issue you can tackle head-on and without spending a fortune – with prices starting at just £331. Take a look at the four main benefits of deploying a Kelvin Heater in your home below:

  • Energy efficient: Kelvin can keep your environment comfortable whilst using 30% less energy than traditional electric heaters.
  • Smart: Comes included with smart functionality that allows you to have total control over your home climate from the comfort of your phone. Functionality, which improves convenience and helps reduce energy bills.
  • Minimalist design: Constructed with premium materials and high-quality finishes, the Kelvin is a slimline product you can display rather than hide away.
  • Easy installation: Designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into your home, everything you need to get set up in minutes comes included in the box — no unnecessary extras. Kelvin can be DIY installed in under 5 minutes with all screws and guides included in the box.

A real standout feature of the Kelvin Heater is the fact it can heat your home through the use of sustainable infrared technology, which is 30% more cost-effective than traditional convection methods. If you’re running a smart home, full of connected devices, the Kelvin will slot right in as it is an innovative bit of tech that allows you to take control of your heating and spending from the comfort of your phone. Reduce energy consumption and simplify your home heating. What’s not to like?

So simple to install and use, the Kelvin Heater from BOLDR is maintenance free and their function is constantly being upgraded through software. A heater that improves over time to ensure that your home is being heated as effectively and affordably as possible. Cleverly designed for effortless and quick installation with both the homeowner and renter in mind, the Kelvin integrates expertly into any home interior design aesthetic. Unlike other heaters, it comes with a truly wireless smart thermostat that pairs with the BOLDR app to unlock a range of convenient energy-saving features.

You can place the Smart Thermostat anywhere in the room for accurate temperature and humidity measurements. Simply connect one or more Kelvin heaters to the thermostat and the app to unlock an array of energy-saving features. No tools or wiring needed. It really couldn’t be simpler and, for this reason, the Kelvin Heater is exceptional value for money in our opinion here. Looking for the coolest means of keeping your home warm this winter? Look no further than the BOLDR Kelvin Heater – head on over to their store to grab yours now.