Sushi Revolution!
Sushi Revolution!

Time to Join the Sushi Revolution!

The moment you step into Sushi Revolution, you’re transported into a world where traditional Japanese elegance meets contemporary flair. Nestled on Curtain Road, Shoreditch, this gem is the brainchild of the incredibly talented Tom Blackshaw and his equally experienced partner Aidan Bryan. Following the roaring success of their Brixton site, Sushi Revolution is back to dazzle your taste buds and warm your hearts.

Ambiance and Atmosphere
The Shoreditch site is a visual and sensory delight, featuring traditional Japanese building techniques such as shou sugi ban style burned wooden walls and kintsugi porcelain tables. The space is cozy yet sophisticated, with modern pendants casting a warm glow over the beautifully reclaimed wood sushi bar. The 34-cover dining area is complemented by additional window seating, benches, and outdoor seats, perfect for enjoying the view of the Stage Plaza in the summer.

Meet Tom: The Culinary Maestro
Tom Blackshaw, the culinary genius behind Sushi Revolution, brings 15 years of top-tier sushi-making experience. Having honed his skills at renowned establishments like Aqua Kyoto, Chotto-Matte, and Sticks n Sushi, Tom’s mastery of traditional techniques combined with modern flavours is nothing short of extraordinary. His inventive creations, like the soft-shell crab roll with kimchee hummus, are a testament to his culinary prowess.

The Menu: A Symphony of Flavours
The menu at Sushi Revolution is a harmonious blend of quick, versatile, and creatively presented dishes. Start with tantalizing snacks such as Spicy Edamame with chipotle miso or the signature Revolution Miso Soup with sancho pepper and truffle oil. The main menu is divided into classic ‘Sushi’ and innovative ‘The Revolution’ sections, offering a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary dishes.

The Star Dishes: Fried Japanese Aubergine and Tuna Tartare
Among the many standout dishes, the Fried Japanese Aubergine with beetroot den miso, crispy onions, sesame, and coriander cress is an absolute revelation. This vegan delight showcases Tom’s talent for elevating simple ingredients into an exquisite culinary experience. The rich, complex flavours and the meticulous presentation make it a must-try for all diners.

Equally impressive is the Tuna Tartare, served with goat’s cheese and truffle onion soy. This dish is a perfect blend of fresh, delicate tuna paired with the creamy, tangy goat’s cheese, all enhanced by the rich umami of the truffle onion soy. It’s a delicious example of Tom’s skill in combining traditional techniques with modern flavours.

Sushi and Beyond
For sushi aficionados, the fresh and simply presented Sashimi and Nigiri dishes are a must. The Maki Rolls come in various forms, from House Rolls to the vibrant Dragon Maki Platter. Each bite is a testament to the quality and creativity that defines Sushi Revolution. And don’t forget to finish with the decadent Revolution Miso Brownie Bites or a selection of Mochi for a sweet finale.

Drinks to Complement
Sushi Revolution offers an impressive selection of drinks, including Traunstein Helles Lager, Asahi, and a range of wines starting at just £26 a bottle. The sake menu is equally enticing, with options like the Sushi Revolution House Serve and the high-end Tosatsuru ‘Azure’ Ginjo. The quick-to-serve cocktails, such as the Hanami Highball and Ichiban Iced Tea, are perfect companions to your meal.

Join the Revolution
Tom and Aidan’s mission is clear: to make their guests happy with great food, drinks, and service. With plans for future expansion, they are dedicated to ensuring every visit to Sushi Revolution is a memorable one.

Sushi Revolution is not just a restaurant; it’s a movement, an experience, and a celebration of exceptional culinary artistry.

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