Script Wellness brings a breath of fresh air to the wellness industry with natural remedies — designed for women, by women

brand-new wellness platform created for women, by women has just launched in the UK with a clear mission: the Script Wellness team is setting out to shake up the women’s healthcare industry and rethink the way we approach our female health and wellbeing. The brand has just debuted its first collection of aromatherapeutic products, starting with a range of expertly designed items to counter the uncomfortable side effects of menstruation—without any of the nasty chemicals.

The debut EASE collection is 100% vegan, formulated from natural, ethically sourced ingredients and essential oils, and comprises a Menstrual Oil, Pillow Spray, and calming scented Candle, plus gift cards to support your friend or subscription plans so you’ll never find yourself caught short!

At the heart of the Script Wellness team is a mother-daughter duo who are changing the game. The venture came about as a response to a feminine familial dilemma: back when its founder, Jill Sinclair found herself navigating her own family’s cycles, from her daughter’s menstruation preoccupations to her mother’s challenges with menopause. The lack of salient advice and non-pharmaceutical treatments left Jill reeling, “Why are women left to blindly navigate their own health and wellness?”

And so she called on like-minded wellness experts and allied minds to join forces with a mission to revamp the status quo. The team is passionate about shifting our approach to women’s wellness away from over-the-counter synthetics and towards alternative natural remedies—like botanical blends and CBD-infused formulations—all the while educating young women on their sexual health and wider female wellness. 

Working towards opening up “a sisterhood of conversation and community”, the brand’s online presence aims to inspire and engage open, intergenerational, and dynamic conversations around women’s healthcare and wellbeing. 

The Head Alchemist behind these bespoke formulations, the ‘Aroma Expert’ Bernd Griasch, has an assuredly tried-and-tested approach, with over 40 years in the aromatherapeutic and pharmaceutical industries. His breadth of experience over the years has informed the team’s research, delving into both menstruation and menopause, hormonal imbalances, and cyclical effects of pain, insomnia, and anxiety through to mood and body changes. With over 18 million people of menstruating age in the UK alone, and Healthline finding that between 32–40% of people suffer such significant pain and discomfort during their cycle that it requires time off school or work, it really does beg the question: Why are women forced to wander this wellness maze on their own?

Commenting on the launch, Founder & CEO Jill Sinclair has commented, “I’m in my sixth decade now and have a real fascination for getting to the heart of what happens as we grow and develop as women. Young, old, and in-between. I was tired of the bandwagons, lack of transparency, and taboos; it made me want to start a wellness brand, a community that would allow women to own their own Script for their lives with natural products and content.”


EASE Collection
Script Wellness’ debut range for menstruation.

Menstruation Oil
A unique formulation that soothes and reduces the period cramps, pain and bloating associated with menstruation.

Pillow Spray
A pillow spray that works on the senses using the principles of aromatherapy to relax and soothe before and during the menstrual cycle.

A candle that promotes relaxation, calm and serenity to restore and support the body and mind.
A ritual in a candle.

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