<strong>CORE ASX</strong>® <strong>by HEBE LIFE</strong>

Revolutionary New Supplement Takes Comprehensive Approach to Longevity and Performance

The Prodec Collection. unveils CORE ASX®, a new supplement designed to support human wellbeing and optimise athletic performance like never before. Developed by the leaders in natural health, HEBE LIFE®, this product represents a milestone in supporting wellness from within and is an innovative daily supplement, combining cutting-edge science with nature’s most powerful antioxidant molecule.

At the core of this formula is patent natural Astaxanthin (ASX), a powerful antioxidant found abundantly in microalgae. Often called “The King of Antioxidants,” ASX harnesses the immense benefits of natural Astaxanthin to support cellular health, immunity, beauty and active lifestyles. Extensive research has revealed Astaxanthin’s immense ability to fight oxidative stress on a cellular level, but CORE ASX® takes this protection to an entirely new dimension. With the addition of Vitamin E and C, this supplement arms the body with next-level defenses against ageing. CORE ASX® ’s active ingredient is backed with more than 300 clinical trials in different fields of skin health, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and sarcopenia, and intervenes at a mitochondrial level.

Natural ASX’s unique antioxidant molecules counteract the effects of oxidative stress by supporting muscle performance, endurance and recovery, allowing athletes to workout harder and recuperate faster. CORE ASX® is Informed Sport certified, supporting muscle performance in athletes of all levels from amateurs to professionals, with complete peace of mind.

Beyond the enhanced athletic performance, CORE ASX® also strengthens the ageing body from within. Its robust antioxidant support bolsters the traditionally weakening of our natural immunity as we get older, helping fight inflammation and infection. CORE ASX®, even helps counters visible signs of ageing by hydrating skin from the dermis up for a more youthful glow. Retinal circulation is improved to reduce eye fatigue. With its comprehensive, multi-benefit formula, CORE ASX® represents the next generation of supplements for supporting health, wellness and active lifestyle.

“At The Prodec Collection, our highest purpose is empowering communities to live life to its fullest through innovative solutions rooted in science,” said Hélène Raad, Managing Director, Prodec Global UK Ltd. “CORE ASX® represents the culmination of years of intensive research and clinical validations to develop a product capable of truly extending human prime. I’m incredibly proud that we can offer such a groundbreaking formula accessible to all.”

CORE ASX® by HEBE LIFE® capsules are vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified. It includes added vitamins C and E to further augment its effects. CORE ASX® is now available directly from The Prodec Collection: https://theprodeccollection.com/core-asx for £285.