Cellar at Kindred
Cellar at Kindred

Discovering a Neighborhood Gem Where Seasonal Flavors and Community Warmth Converge

Braving the storm from East London to Hammersmith might sound like a quest from a bygone era, but it was a journey that led me to a culinary haven known as Cellar at Kindred, located a mere stone’s throw from the Hammersmith Apollo. As I stepped into the warmth of this all-day café, counter, and bar, I immediately understood the allure of this neighborhood hangout.


Inspired by the vibrant and independent venues scattered across European cities, Cellar at Kindred offers a respite for those seeking solace in simplicity and quality. From the locally-roasted coffee that greets the early birds to the sustainable European wines that round off an evening, every offering is a testament to the passion that drives this establishment.

Cellar at Kindred - An All-Day Restaurant In Hammersmith

The menu, carefully curated by the Head Chef, is a celebration of seasonality and flavor. Starting the day with breakfast served until noon, followed by a brunch menu available until 3 pm, one can indulge in a culinary journey that culminates with the All Day Menu, available until 10 pm. Each dish, from the pot-roasted celeriac adorned with ‘Parmesan’, butterbeans, and cavolo nero, to the exquisitely prepared Korean spiced dexter beef tartare accompanied by straw chips, is a homage to the produce that seasons dictate.

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The atmosphere of Cellar is equally inviting. Whether you’re catching up with friends, enjoying a solo moment of relaxation, or tucking into a pre-show bite before heading to the Hammersmith Apollo, the ambiance is imbued with a sense of community and warmth.

The drinks menu deserves its accolade. Delving into the bar menus, one discovers signature rum punch serves that nod to the neighborhood’s Caribbean influence, alongside innovative cocktails with London heritage. The wine list, crafted with the help of friends at Basket Press Wines, offers an exploration into the modern European wine scene, with a focus on organically farmed grapes and sustainable, independent winemakers.

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Local suppliers are the backbone of Cellar, providing everything from the coffee roasted by Kiss The Hippo to the craft beer from Two Tribes Brewery and the fascinating hibiscus mead from Gosnell’s of London. This collaboration with local artisans not only enriches the menu but also strengthens the bond with the community.

My journey through the storm to discover Cellar at Kindred was more than just a quest for good food; it was an immersion into a community that celebrates the best of what the neighborhood has to offer. For those looking for a place to dine where the food is as heartfelt as the company, Cellar at Kindred is a beacon in Hammersmith.

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