Merging the warm, rich sound of analogue audio devices with the convenience of modern smart speaker systems 5.5m vinyls were sold in 2022, the highest amount since 1990

Music fans around the world are rejoicing at the launch of a new device that connects their favourite analogue music to smart speaker systems.

A2D2’s new product, the A2D2 Stream, connects to any device with an analogue output, such as a record player, CD player, or tape deck, so users can stream their favourite music throughout their home, regardless of the brand of smart speaker.

The popularity of analogue audio mediums has surged in recent years. Vinyl sales reached its highest volume since 1990 with 5.5m units sold in 2022. Releases from artists including Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and the Arctic Monkeys have supported the growth. A2D2 analysed cassette tape sales and found there was a 5,000% rise in sales from 2012 to 2022, showing an increased desire for physical music despite our ever-more digital world.

To help Brits listen to their favourite artists easily, the device seamlessly integrates with AirPlay, Alexa, Chromecast, and Sonos for multiroom listening, all controllable via a user-friendly smartphone app.

The device’s design is unobtrusive, with the footprint of a credit card it blends seamlessly with other Hi-Fi equipment, ensuring that the focus remains on the music. With the A2D2 Stream, users have the freedom to enjoy their cherished analogue audio collections anywhere in their home, with a simple, plug-and-play setup that bridges the gap between old and new, ensuring that no beat is missed, and every lyric is heard as the artist intended.

It’s designed to work with any turntable, tape deck, CD player, or device with an audio output. Plug in and stream records through any smart speaker or headphones on a network for more convenient listening, anywhere in the home. Customers can control where their music plays within their chosen network via the A2D2 smartphone app.