If you like the push the boat out when it comes to your tech purchases, Bang & Olufsen are probably a go-to brand and if you’re currently in the market for some new audio apparatus, allow us to direct your attention to their recently launched Beolab 8. Whether you want an immersive home cinema experience or powerful stereo sound, Beolab 8 is the ideal speaker for you. Use it as a standalone speaker or pair it with another Beolab 8 to deliver a truly stunning sound system. With its deep bass and precise stereo sound, Beolab 8 will make your music come to life.

The Beolab 8 speaker is priced at £2199 and it really is a sensational piece of craftsmanship that looks incredible from every angle. Its one-piece aluminium body is a fusion of a sphere and cylinder, and it is available with either Danish-manufactured wooden lamellas or a fabric front. The Beolab 8 is purpose-built to complement other Bang & Olufsen products, such as the Beosound Theatre, Beolab 28, and Beolab 50.

The speaker’s aluminium shell and inner core create a visual illusion of lightness, thanks to the interplay of light and shadow. The Beolab 8’s shape is both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically enhancing, in keeping with Scandinavian design principles. The glass interface on top of the speaker curves perfectly to guide the user’s finger effortlessly. It is a masterpiece of understated design and impeccable audio performance.

Tuned by Bang & Olufsen tonmeisters, the Beolab 8 ensures that you can enjoy the sound quality of a Beolab speaker thanks to its three-driver setup consisting of a 16mm tweeter, 3″ midrange and a 5.25″ woofer. Building upon the heritage of the iconic Beolab 17 speaker, Bang & Olufsen tonmeisters picked drivers that maintained the same performance and sound quality of these high-quality pieces of audio apparatus.

Beolab 8’s Room Compensation feature ensures that you get the best possible sound quality, no matter the size or shape of your room. The speaker carefully maps its surroundings and adjusts the sound accordingly, so you can enjoy crystal-clear music in any space. With adaptive sound tuning, Beolab 8 adapts to its own configuration by using sensors to detect the front cover and fine-tune the sound for optimal performance. This is made possible through small sensors in the speaker and magnets within the cover which allows Beolab 8 to detect the type of cover and automatically apply the appropriate tuning.