UNTUCKit – Now In The UK!
UNTUCKit – Now In The UK!


WTF is UNTUCKit? UNTUCKit is the world’s first brand to offer shirts specifically designed to be untucked, which has just launched in the UK. 

Most traditional shirts don’t look good untucked. They’re either too baggy, too long or both. UNTUCKit’s shirts are specifically designed to be worn untucked, most notably through the perfect length (designed to fall right in the middle of the zipper), french seams, and a contoured hemline. The versatility of the shirts (which look great at work, at the pub, at the game) brings a unique solution to the demands of modern men’s work and life, with the pressure to look sharp in any situation, whilst cutting down on wardrobe clutter. 

Research from UNTUCKit shows that almost half of young British men aged 18-34 have felt awkward in a social setting as a result of being unsure about their clothing, with similar numbers in a professional setting. Celebrities including Leonardo Di Caprio and Matthew McConaughey have been seen to wear the shirt in the states, with Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne and England Rugby hero Martin Johnson recently working with the brand in the UK. 

Ranging from £70 – £150, with more than 50 fit combinations, the shirts and are built so men of all-shapes-and-sizes can enjoy the shirt. UNTUCKit has built tremendous traction in the US as one of the fastest-growing men’s retail brands, with over 75 stores in the US and Canada in the last 5 years. Its backstory came as founder Chris Riccobono struggled to find a traditional shirt that looked good untucked, so created UNTUCKit to solve a problem that he and many men were dealing with on a regular basis. 


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