The Steelcase Flex Mobile Power device, which has been made in collaboration with Anker, will be the answer to your prayers. It brings true mobility to the workplace and this sleek and smart mobile power solution gives teams and individuals the freedom to work anywhere they want.

Power is pivotal to a productive workspace and this fantastic Steelcase Flex Mobile Power Device is going to ensure you’ve got exactly what you need when it comes to keeping your tech and gadgetry powered up throughout the day. With a design which almost looks like a kettle bell, it’s going to add an eye-catching aesthetic to your workspace whilst also delivering the sort of performance that you’ll need day in, day out.

Powered Up

Designed and developed in collaboration with Anker, a brand that is a global leader in charging technology field, the Steelcase Flex Mobile Power Device is the first of its kind enterprise-level mobile power solution for the workplace. It is the latest innovation of charging and expertly combines deep knowledge of how work and the workplace is changing from Steelcase with Anker’s expertise around the future of consumer technology and charging devices.

The Steelcase Flex Mobile Power Device is a small but perfectly formed bit of tech that any office or workspace will certainly benefit from. It is one of those pieces that you don’t realise you need until you have it and the quality of its performance from a charging perspective is second to none. Available in a couple of colourways, this cracking bit of kit is sure to become a mainstay of your workspace in 2020 and beyond.

Boasting impressive proprietary charging capabilities, the Steelcase Flex Mobile Power Device will definitely give you all the juice your workspace requires. It has a fixed, proprietary charging tray which takes just eight hours to charge five mobile power units. There is also an optional Steelcase Flex cart which can accommodate two mobile power kits with one cord out charging and a power unit indicator will let you know when the unit is running low.

Versatile Performance

Each one of these Steelcase Flex Mobile Power Devices comes with three USB-C and one USB-A charging ports which gives you plenty of charging options. They are incredibly portable and lightweight and weigh just under three pounds each. The flexible handle makes it extremely easy to grab and go and give you much more flexibility as to where you choose to work in the office.

If you’re wanting to ramp up your productivity and flexibility in the workplace in 2020, this Steelcase Flex Mobile Power Device might just be your new best friend. Portable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing, it has the potential to keep plenty of tech and gadgets charged and will add a visual impact to your workspace as it does it.