Havaianas returns to its roots…
Havaianas returns to its roots…

to reinvent the original shape of its sandals and invites mastermind JAPAN to collaborate.

Havaianas changes everything you’ve always thought about sandals, going back to its origin to launch its first style created for the streets: The Tradi Zori. The lovers of the brand, used to the traditional rubber sandal in a rounded shape, will be surprised with the new proposal.

In 1962, inspired by the Japanese sandal known as Zori, whose soles are made of rice straw, Havaianas invented the world’s best-selling sandals, known as The Traditional. In order to adapt to Brazil’s hot climate, mainly because of the beaches, it was necessary to make changes to the sole material and replace it with rubber, a resistant material, made to last.


Now, almost 60 years later, Havaianas releases a new shape, Tradi Zori. Inspired in The Tradicional and the Japanese Zori sandals, the brand goes beyond the beach with the first sandal created for the urban style, developed with a square base, rubber material, fabric strap and a brand-new design.

To celebrate this new moment, the brand invited for an unprecedented collaboration the Japanese fashion icon, mastermind JAPAN. Precisely, this collaboration will match the urban style soul of mastermind JAPAN and its skull pattern, with the shapes of Havaianas sandals, bringing two different models: Top, with the traditional Havaianas’s sole, and the novelty that promises to break paradigms, connecting past and future, the mentioned Tradi Zori.

With this, the brand enters in the street style universe and makes its range of products even more varied, conquering costumers with different preferences. The global release is scheduled for June 3rd in Japan and will be available from 17th June in the UK.

“With this collaboration, we combine past and present launching not just new flip flops, but a whole new lifestyle” says Fernanda Romano – Global Marketing Director for Havaianas.

“We always liked Havaianas as it’s the most iconic and famous flip fop brand in the world. This new shape is a winner and really connects with our brand. The essence of mastermind JAPAN is in the power of collaboration, the partnership between both brands. Here we had the perfect combination: A Japanese brand endorsing Havaianas’ new Zori inspired shape” – mastermind JAPAN team.

The Havaianas x Mastermind collaboration will be available in Browns and End from 17th June.