If you’re workspace is looking a little clutter and you’re seeking a way of reducing down a touch, you may well want to sit up and take notice of the CheerPod Air Mouse & Presentation Tool which is taking Indiegogo by storm as we speak. It is a 2.6-inch Mouse + Touchpad + Laser Pointer which can connect to any of your devices for seamless control everywhere you go – whether it’s at home or in the office.

The CheerPod Air Mouse & Presentation Tool on Indiegogo has early bird pricing of $49 which is 50% off the final retail price so move quickly if you want to bag yourself a tech bargain. This innovative little device is a winner of the prestigious RedDot Design Award and it can be used as a full-function desktop mouse, touchpad and laser pointer on more or less any device. With support for the most frequently used hand gestures in both Desktop Mode and Air Mode, it’s simple to use and effortless to control.

Versatile Performer

Regardless of whether you are working in the office, giving a presentation, or enjoying some entertainment on your sofa, the superbly minimalistic CheerPod device is the ideal productivity tool and control solution for multi-device functionality. It has universal compatibility with no receiver needed and saves your valuable input slot whilst providing a fast connection. Just connect it just like connect your wireless earbuds, easy and effortless.

The CheerPod Air Mouse & Presentation Tool on Indiegogo (from $49) works as a full-function desktop mouse + touchpad for various devices. When you have grown weary of placing your hands on the table while working, try the Air Mode to continue the work in an easier way. At the flick of a switch, CheerPod instantly gives you gesture control from the comfort of your couch or moving freely around the room.

With this clever little device, meetings and presentations become more dynamic. Air Mode lets you move around the room as you present, advancing slides, opening apps, and switching between important documents. Its built-in laser pointer is ideal for getting to the point and CheerPod supports the most frequently used controls for presentations such as: zoom in/out, turn the page, scroll control, and more using simple gestures.

Ergonomic Design

CheerPod has been ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the hand and respond to natural hand movements. For this purpose, they have tried all kinds of sizes and tested the prototypes extensively to make sure they perform exactly as they should. Based on the tests result, they made CheerPod compact enough that it fits in a pocket for go-anywhere convenience, but large enough to be comfortable for all-day use.

Available for the bargain price of just $49 during the Indiegogo campaign, it’s not hard to see why the CheerPod Air Mouse & Presentation Tool is rapidly approaching a quarter of a million dollars in funding because it is an incredibly functional, versatile and useful bit of kit that any tech fan will appreciate. Head on over to Indiegogo now to get yours for a bargain price.