The innovative PANL1 speaker system brings a revolutionary update to the audio world.

Are you tired of your big and bulky speakers taking up a large amount of room space, spoiling the look of your modern home? Take a look at the Kickstarter firm VETR Audio who are in the process of producing the PANL 1 speakers. The PANL 1 speakers are the ultimate modern speakers for those looking for high-quality audio and contemporary design. 

The audio produced by these speakers is remarkable for their size. They are capable of producing sound of up to 115 decibels. To put this into perspective, this is louder than a lawnmower and a concert – pretty awesome! As an audio system, the PANL1 offers audiophile quality with lightweight, intelligently sized speakers. Because of their unique shape, they can fit into decor that doesn’t work with boxy, bulky bookshelf speakers.

On first opening these speakers, I was amazed at how thin they are. They are only 1.3mm in thickness, yet still, produce amazing high-quality sound. It combines high sound fidelity with a strikingly unique design – the centrepiece of which is its carbon fibre speaker panels. The speakers are comprised of a thin sheet of carbon fibre, placed on a flat metal-tray to give a fashionable, stylish look for any home office or home in general.

The PANL 1 speakers come with a subwoofer to enhance the bass on both speakers. Just simply hook up the left and right wires to the subwoofer panel on the back to experience true, first-rate audio. The PANL1’s subwoofer is tuned precisely to the flat panel speakers’audio signature.With a subdued, unobtrusive appearance, the subwoofer can be easily hidden under a desk or next to the TV, without disrupting the look of a room.

The PANL1 speakers are driven by exciters – more commonly called transducers – to create sound from a flat surface. Because of their unique audio signature, the subwoofer was tuned to perfectly complement them for a full range, high-fidelity audio experience. A major advantage of the flat panel design is that“sweet spots”, or areas of better sound reproduction in a room, are minimized or eliminated. What this means is, the PANL1 sounds great whether in a close listening position or across the room. The subwoofer is also controlled via a remote, allowing you to change the settings of the volume, bass and treble accordingly to your liking – a neat feature for those songs with a high level of bass!

Pre-order the VETR 1 speakers here.